About Me

Hi, I'm Kijin. Pronunciation: kee-jin.

I like thinking and writing about social, cultural, and political issues, especially where they relate to information technology. I’ve lived in a few different countries, most recently Canada and Korea.

as a Philosopher...

I studied philosophy at UBC (B.A.) and Queen’s (M.A. and Ph.D.)

I specialize in (1) social and political philosophy and (2) a subfield of philosophy of science known as Science and Technology Studies (STS). Recent developments in both fields bring them close together, and I’m interested in issues that arise at their intersection. I’m particularly fascinated by the new political economy created by information technology, including the influence of today's startup culture and social media on the shape of public discourse.

as a Programmer...

I’m the owner of Poesis, a web consultancy based in Daejeon, Korea. Poesis helps operators of small and medium-sized websites maintain an independently sustaintable online presence. I can build you Linux servers in the cloud, configure them to serve your FOSS web app as efficiently as possible, and help you with common “webmaster” problems.

I’m also a maintainer of Rhymix, a user-centered fork of the XpressEngine CMS that was once highly popular in Korea. Rhymix aims to enable a smooth upgrade from XpressEngine while modernizing its core and adding features essential to small and medium-sized websites. Rhymix does not pursue innovation for its own sake, but tries to empower the user so that each person is in control of which innovations they adopt. It is a collaborative effort wherein both users and developers learn from each other instead of one dictating what the other should do.